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Way of Wellness lessons and episodes draw inspiration from Scripture, intercessory prayer, spiritual warfare, and energy medicine to create
a holistic experience rooted in faith. Verses like 3 John 2 and Isaiah 53: 4-5 remind us of God's healing power and Jesus' redemptive sacrifice.

For each Way of Wellness episode, I am committed to nurturing
your faith, providing compassionate support, and empowering you
to embrace a life filled with healing and purpose.

My goal for you in this Free Healing Series is to serve you and give you an ability to see, feel, and experience your health in a different way. To be able to move forward in life with tools that you can use everyday.


- Kathryn

- Kathryn

Ep 2 Dive into the world of epigenetics to understand how your words and thoughts influence your DNA. This episode features insights from experts like Bruce Lipton and explores how the language you use can affect your genetic makeup. Learn to counteract negative self-talk and toxic thoughts with powerful affirmations, unlocking profound changes in health and vitality.

Ep 1 Uncover the tangible effects of emotions on your body in this inaugural episode. Learn how emotions are chemical reactions impacting bodily functions, and how negative thoughts and experiences can disrupt physical health. Discover the art of body whispering to interpret what your body's ailments reveal about your emotional and spiritual state. Transformative techniques for releasing emotional baggage are introduced, aiming for a rejuvenated sense of well-being.

Series Episodes

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Ep 5 Join us in a vibrant exploration of color healing. Discover the unique energies and therapeutic properties of different colors, and how they can bring balance and healing to your body, mind, and spirit. This episode offers a guided color healing exercise, helping viewers harness the transformative power of colors for spiritual awakening and inner peace. 

Ep 3 Explore the impact of generational influences on your health and prosperity. Starting with an exploration of the immune system and its connections to emotional and DNA health, this episode uses scriptural insights to show how blessings can shape your life. Learn strategies to release toxins and balance your system, embracing the spiritual power of blessings for an abundant life.

Ep 4 Investigate the energetic role of the immune system in overall health. This episode reveals how identity and self-perception affect immune responses and introduces ways to harmonize your body's energetics. Delve into ancestral impacts and emotional patterns that influence your current health, with techniques to align your DNA with divine health principles.

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The Healing experience

Deep relaxation & inner peace

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Reduced pain, anxiety, and effects of trauma



Enhanced ability to manage stress

Resolution of long-held negative emotions and thought patterns

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hello there.

I’m kathryn, YOUR NEW wellness advocate
& holistic healer!

Since 2007, I've been on a journey to help you find your best health. I want to see you free from shame and guilt, anxiety, trauma, and limiting ways of thinking that drag you down day after day...

No matter your health issue, I'm here to support you! Through mindbody sessions, my goal is to help you find that place where your body and mind can release what is holding you back and create the natural and innate ability to heal. 

Kathryn springman

writer, practitioner, body whisperer, and animal lover

"I just finished Episode 7 and loved it! The sections where I held my kidneys and smiled at my heart were my favorite in this one. It was so intimate, and I've never thought of saying "thank you" to my body like that. I can already tell that these episodes will be used over and over again.
Thank you!"



"I've never thought of saying "thank you" to my body"

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your knowledge, sincerity and sharing your wisdom with me and my family. Your voice is perfect, soothing and calm and it gets the message across very well. I am looking forward to clicking through the sessions and every day getting a dose of your insights and expertise. I love how your sessions are faith based. Really uplifting. Thank you"



"I love how sessions are faith-based."

"Several of our dogs have separation anxiety. When either one of us leave the house they howl and cry constantly. Since listening to this podcast, they have stopped. The separation anxiety is gone! It’s truly amazing that Kathi could do for our pets what she can do for us! "

K Bigauette


"Our dogs' separation anxiety is gone!"

"For anyone interested in improving their overall health and well-being, this podcast is a must on your to-do list for this year. Cannot recommend this podcast highly enough!"

Mimi Emmanuel, #1 bestselling author of ‘Letters to my Godson' 

Mimi Emamanuel

Best selling Author

"This podcast is a must!"