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Way of Wellness lessons and episodes draw inspiration from Scripture, intercessory prayer, spiritual warfare, and energy medicine to create
a holistic experience rooted in faith. Verses like 3 John 2 and Isaiah 53: 4-5 remind us of God's healing power and Jesus' redemptive sacrifice.

For each Way of Wellness episode, I am committed to nurturing
your faith, providing compassionate support, and empowering you
to embrace a life filled with healing and purpose.

Featured Episode:

Your Relationship with Joy

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Joy is your birthright. Hydration or dehydration can be an indicator that there is joy or a lack of joy in your life. Listen in as we explore how balancing the heart and liver assists in hydration. See how time plays in your ability to have joy in life.

featured episodes:

Real Talk: How To Stand Up For What You Believe In

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Ep 1.28 Routines & Predictability: Everyone has established routines, healthy or otherwise. Your external world matches your internal world. Do you exist in chaos or peace? Generational trauma can disrupt brain patterns and internal peace of mind. Listen as we clear generational trauma that has affected your life and your internal peace.

Ep B1.06 Your Innate Healing Wisdom: Our most commonly used healing exercise in Sacred Space. Energy flows through you via specific energy centers. These energy centers are also centers of information and communication to other parts of your body. God has given your spirit authority over your body. He has given you an innate wisdom to heal, repair, and regenerate all aspects of your body and your life. Follow along in the meditation to clear these energy centers, clear the information pathways even going into the deepest aspects of your body, soul, mind, will, emotions, and spirit. 

Ep 1.20 General Wellbeing: Feeling unsettled? Feeling resentment or hurt? The body is a family of organs, and body parts. Your body tells a story of what is going on in life. Not getting along with your neighbor? Family squabbles? Yep, it's all there. Listen in to this fun approach to balancing family dynamics.

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Ep 1.25 Perception, Beauty, & Balance: Have you been going through a lot of ups & downs or a lot of mental or spiritual personal growth? Do you have food cravings? Trouble expressing your emotions? Or just generally feel off-kilter? Listen in and follow along in the exercise as we balance perception, clear away the cobwebs, plus find beauty and balance in life and the world around you. 

Ep 1.17 Impatience & Irritation Affect Your Health: Emotions are chemical thoughts and those chemical signatures can create havoc in the body for long periods of time. They change the brain chemistry and can even affect how well you absorb nutrients. Depending on how many emotions you store, can also change the instructions that your DNA sends out. Allergies have a definitive emotional component. Listen in as we dive into releasing childhood emotions affecting general health and your top 4 allergens."

Ep B1.09 Debilitating Grief: If you have experienced deep grief in any way from the loss of a loved one, the loss of time, job, home, or way of life. Listen now to learn how to honor and release your loss. Begin healing the grief, despair, and heartbreak. Then move into joy and peace so you can live in the fullness of life you are meant to live.

The Healing experience

Deep relaxation & inner peace

Improved sleep quality and mood

Reduced pain, anxiety, and effects of trauma



Enhanced ability to manage stress

Resolution of long-held negative emotions and thought patterns

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I’m kathryn, YOUR NEW wellness advocate
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Since 2007, I've been on a journey to help you find your best health. I want to see you free from shame and guilt, anxiety, trauma, and limiting ways of thinking that drag you down day after day...

No matter your health issue, I'm here to support you! Through mindbody sessions, my goal is to help you find that place where your body and mind can release what is holding you back and create the natural and innate ability to heal. 

Kathryn springman

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"I just finished Episode 7 and loved it! The sections where I held my kidneys and smiled at my heart were my favorite in this one. It was so intimate, and I've never thought of saying "thank you" to my body like that. I can already tell that these episodes will be used over and over again.
Thank you!"



"I've never thought of saying "thank you" to my body"

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your knowledge, sincerity and sharing your wisdom with me and my family. Your voice is perfect, soothing and calm and it gets the message across very well. I am looking forward to clicking through the sessions and every day getting a dose of your insights and expertise. I love how your sessions are faith based. Really uplifting. Thank you"



"I love how sessions are faith-based."

"Several of our dogs have separation anxiety. When either one of us leave the house they howl and cry constantly. Since listening to this podcast, they have stopped. The separation anxiety is gone! It’s truly amazing that Kathi could do for our pets what she can do for us! "

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"Our dogs' separation anxiety is gone!"

"For anyone interested in improving their overall health and well-being, this podcast is a must on your to-do list for this year. Cannot recommend this podcast highly enough!"

Mimi Emmanuel, #1 bestselling author of β€˜Letters to my Godson' 

Mimi Emamanuel

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"This podcast is a must!"